Why Is It Necessary For Teens To Learn Computer Skills

The teens want computer skills in order to become competitive in their upcoming careers and to give them ease in their day-to-day activities. Computers become indispensable tools to the teenagers. Parents must understand that the teens want different computer skills such as word processing programs to make various types of invitations, make reports, format documents, write resumes, accomplish their assignments and write research papers. The teens also want to be updated with new information as well as to make new friends from around the globe. Even at their young age, they have to gain insights and abilities on the complexities of life especially in finding a lucrative job. In this way, they are much prepared when they finished their studies and start to pursue their own career.

The teens want attractive and eye bulging reports which are created using special software. These teens know that an ability to properly present their propositions would spell a difference between winning and losing. In classes involving mathematical problems, the teenagers must learn spreadsheets, data entry and other skills.

The teens want to use the internet. Hundreds of tools are available to teenagers to allow them unlimited use of their creativity. Through the internet, the teens learn to surf to their favorite websites, make the required reports at a shorter period, learn and explore new trends and developments with ease. Among the favorites of teens are chat rooms, games, blog and other interactive sites. Free downloads are also available such as music, software, skills training and others. Through the internet, the teenagers are freed from spending so much money in purchasing their favorite music and movies, as well as in gaining knowledge in tradecraft and other profitable skills.

The parents must broaden their understanding on why their teens must be skilled in properly navigating the internet to browse the sites that they need. Lack of the necessary skills and know how would make the teenagers land on sites that are not suited to them. By chance, they might be able to view scenes which are not good.

The good news is that thousands of jobs could be accessed through the internet. These jobs include data entry, web and logo design, computer programming and so on. Landing on high paying jobs require the needed knowledge and skills in computers and computer applications. Of course, this knowledge could be acquired through formal education, but to the freelancers, learning through the internet is profitable and worthwhile.

Having learned some computer literacy skills could make the teenagers become useful citizens by applying what they know for personal, career growth and community building.

The teens want these computer literacy skills to prepare them for a bright future, but most important they also need the encouragement and motivation coming from people they trust.

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